Amazon responds to empty servers New World – and starts by being first To merge reals. It starts on December 8th, then the European server Mardi goes into the Realm Brittia, like the developers in one current forum thread communicate. A specific time is already available: The merger will take place at 4 p.m. German time. Until then, there is no longer any possibility of transferring to one of the two servers. Players are already longingly waiting for the “merges”, New World user numbers are in the noticeably decreased in the past few weeks – and thus also the populations in the individual realms. When the MMOG was released, Amazon still had open additional servers have to be able to cope with the rush of players.

Search for the optimal partner server

“If our data show that the game experience in a world has become suboptimal, the team investigates the causes and checks whether a merge is necessary,” write the developers in one Server merge FAQ. The size of the population and general activity on the servers play a role, among other things. Once the developers determine that a world should be merged, they compare it to the other realms in the world setto find the optimal partner server. Among other things, faction, gameplay style and language are compared. According to the developers, it is impossible, for example, to merge a US west coast server with a realm from the US east coast.

Server consolidation always on Wednesdays

At a Server consolidation By the way, you don’t have to worry about your progress in New World (buy now 39,99 €) have earned. Gold, items, companies and Co. thus remain. However, the world remains in the version that is running on the target server – in the current case, Brittia. This includes, for example, possessions and contracts. In the FAQ, Amazon also states that future server consolidations should take place on Wednesdays in order to avoid updates and the associated maintenance. Whether the world you are playing in will be merged with another server should be displayed in the game on the Friday before the merge.

New World: Trailer introduces you to the “Unheil” update in more detail

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