Amazons New World received today with Patch 1.0.4 another update. Some optimizations and improvements have been made here, which should make the gaming experience a little more pleasant. Unfortunately, a rather serious bug came into play with the new patch, according to users in the official forums of the title and report on Reddit.

In New World (buy now 39,99 €) you can sell your unwanted items at the trading post. The whole thing works a lot like the auction house in World of Warcraft. So you put your items in the trading post for a certain price and players can then buy them, even if you are offline.

Sold auctions do not award gold

Up to this patch, the whole thing worked quite well, players received the gold for any sold auctions when they logged in. Now, however, users report that sold auctions do not award gold if they were offline at the time of the sale.

In the forums of the title, the User Nunchaki 100 percent reproduce this bug and, in fact, did not receive any items that he acquired through a purchase order while offline. However, he lost the gold anyway.

Amazon has not yet commented on this, but hopefully this bug will be fixed soon, otherwise numerous players will probably lose a lot of dollars. Until then, you shouldn’t put any auctions in the trading post for the time being, or make sure that you’re logged into the game when the sale takes place.

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