The closed beta for Amazon’s new MMO New World started a few days ago and the title has already been extensively praised by many players. Including from popular WoW streamer Asmongoldwho, according to his own statements, “had a lot of fun” with the game.

In the debut title from Amazon Game Studios, players find themselves on Aeternum to gain fame and glory, defeat monsters, and explore the mysterious world. It’s not an easy endeavor, giants like World of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls Online or that expresses popular Final Fantasy 14 challenge and grab a piece of the MMO pie. This is exactly what Amazon is trying to do with its New World title (buy now 39,99 € ) and their chances aren’t that bad, at least thinks popular Twitch streamer Shroud.

According to Shroud, titles like WoW, FF14, and ESO are for the competitive MMO fanatic, while New World is more for the casual gambler:

“It has that certain something. New World is a pretty unique MMO. It doesn’t offer the traditional experience. In other games you have these huge skill bars, but there is slow, methodical action combat here. The game is so interesting because it has gameplay that differs from traditional MMOs. “

Shroud also explains that New World could be the MMO, which is also liked by players who usually don’t know what to do with MMOs:

“Players who don’t like MMOs might enjoy this game. People have played survival games and adventure games, but MMO titles are overwhelming. This game is already quite interesting for casual gamers.”

Delighting the casual gamers was Blizzard’s strategy when they launched World of Warcraft all those years ago. In the meantime, however, the developers are no longer doing this so well. According to Shroud, New World is aimed at players who are not normally fans of MMOs “big win”.

New World could also be released at a perfect time, given the huge number of players right now because of different reasons Turn your back on World of Warcraft. Amazon’s new title could therefore be a perfect game for those dropouts, as it should be a lot of fun even for hardcore fans of the genre, explains Shroud:

“You can just sit here, cut down some trees, mine, craft, fish. You don’t even have to kill anything. Everyone has their own unique way of playing the game. It even has relatively fun PvP, of what I’ve seen so far. It’s just different from a fighting game. “

Shroud has really enjoyed his time with the closed beta so far, but he also has a few suggestions for improvement before the title is released at the end of August:

“It would be cool if there were a few additional level restricted areas in each zone instead of each zone following a level 6, level 9, level 12 formula. At the moment, a lot of players are always on the same spot. Maybe it is difficult to change this as it is very close to release, but I would appreciate this change if it is possible. “

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