The German translations in New World are not exactly good. For example, “change skin” translates as “change skin”, which somehow just doesn’t make sense. Overall, many parts of the game look like you’ve just chased it through translation software and left it at that.

However, there is one thing that Amazon has obviously put in some work. As with most MMOs, there is also in New World (buy now 39,99 €) Titles that you can give your character. For example, there is a title if you have leveled a weapon to level 10. You can equip the titles in your bio menu and also choose the right pronouns for your character.

In English there is He / Him, She / Her, and They / Them. Everything is normal. In the German language, however, there is no real equivalent for the “Singular They”. However, Amazon probably did not use their translation software here, otherwise we would probably read something like “it”. Instead, the developers actually did research and in the German client, players have the choice between Er, Sie, and Xier/Xien.

New World: Non-binary players can use Xier / Xien pronouns, and that's pretty cool (2)

New World: Non-binary players can use Xier / Xien pronouns, and that’s pretty cool (2)

Quelle: PCGames

Xier, Xies, Xiesem, and so on are so-called Neopronomen and here in Germany the most common gender-neutral pronouns. Overall, however, Xier / Xien are still quite unknown, as not many people have dealt with neopronomers and the like. So in order to come across xiese neopronomers at all and to integrate them correctly into their game, the translators at Amazon first had to deal with the gender-neutral pronouns in Germany, of which there are actually quite a lot.

Non-binary people, i.e. those who either identify themselves as one of the non-binary genders or have no gender at all, usually don’t have an easy time of it. In English you can use “They”, but in many other languages ​​- including German – there is no real equivalent for it, which is why neopronomers offer a welcome alternative. The fact that non-binary players in Amazon’s new MMO can identify themselves as such in the game – even with appropriate pronouns – is definitely a nice feature and whoever was responsible for this deserves clear praise.

Another nice feature that more and more games are using is that New World only has “body types”. When creating a character, you don’t choose a gender, just a body type. Therefore, “feminine” characters can also wear beards, for example, and there are no restrictions on the choice of hairstyle. Coupled with the small but good selection of pronouns, every player can present himself as he wants.

Amazon itself is not exactly known for philanthropy – rather for the exact opposite – but such things still deserve to be mentioned. With the sheer size of Amazon and the success of New World, hopefully other development studios will also pay attention to such things in the future, so that every player, regardless of gender, can show the real self.

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