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New Xbox record: Microsoft boss reveals incredible console success


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Although the next-gen consoles are currently in short supply, Microsoft can report a new record. But that's not the only success that the Xbox has achieved.

Xbox Series X

Best seller Xbox Series: No Microsoft console has sold better

Whether PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X – both consoles are currently selling like hotcakes. As soon as one of the two devices is available online, it is already sold out again. Only the somewhat weaker Xbox Series S is still available from various online retailers.

For Microsoft, business with the new Xbox generation seems to be booming, at least that's what reports GameSpot and refers to a statement by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. He mentions that Xbox Series X and Series S will be within the first two and a half months have sold better than any other Xbox before. One should not forget, however, that Microsoft launched two consoles at the same time – before that, they only ever started with one console.

Xbox Series X and Series S – we explain the differences between the two next-gen consoles in the video:

Even more Xbox consoles: there's still something going on!

Microsoft CFO Amy Hood then put the success into perspective again. In your opinion, there would have been more in here – this is shown by the fact that you the has rarely been able to meet the high demand for consoles in recent months. This console bottleneck is expected to continue in the coming months. However, Microsoft is working hard to overcome the problem.

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Much more important for Microsoft than the sales figures for the new Xbox consoles, however, is the number of Xbox Game Pass subscribers. The group also gave an update on this. The service now has 18 million members, in September it was 15 million. Once the console bottleneck is overcome, this number should increase much faster.

Xbox gamers can look forward to some great games in 2021:

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All in all, the last quarter seems to have been very successful for Microsoft – at least in the gaming area. According to the company, the gaming sector reached $ 5 billion in revenue for the first time in Xbox history.