Thursday, April 22, 2021

New York gives the inmates a console so they can do something

When people get bored, they become obnoxious. Perhaps that was the reason for a New York prison to buy inmates a portable game console to deal with during the pandemic.

We've all had to deal with the pandemic in the past few weeks, but most of us have had opportunities to keep ourselves busy and trying out new things – be it books, hobbies, films and series or boards, cards – and video games.

It's different in prison. Due to new COVID 19 rules, the possibilities are very limited. That was reason enough for the New York City Department of Corrections, 5500 portable and squeaky-colored consoles for the prisoners to buy.

The original Game Boy is a real classic and is still popular today.

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Over 70,000 euros for consoles and games

According to a report by New York Daily, the Department bought 5500 Bootleg Game Boys for $ 15 a piece. That makes a total of $ 82,500 (around 72,700 euros). Games were pre-installed on the console.

So far, 3800 "Game Boys" are said to have been issued to prisoners in various prisons.

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