from Dominik Zwingmann
Nintendo recently announced that the Nintendo Switch will have a successor. As in the past, the company would like to equip the hardware with a unique twist, as has already been the case with other consoles and handhelds. A lot of time will pass before the release. The Nintendo President did not reveal any details either.

Although the industry is currently dominated by reports from the ranks of the PS5 and Xbox Series X, Nintendo has some news to report as well. Another investor meeting took place this week, at which President Shuntaro Furukawa gave, among other things, an outlook on the future of the company. It was announced that the Nintendo Switch will one day receive a successor. And typical for Nintendo, there should be unique features between hardware and software. Of course, there were no details yet.

In the past few years, Nintendo has always packed a special twist into their handhelds and consoles. This included, for example, the Wii remote control on the Nintendo Wii, the touchscreens on the Nintendo DS and 3DS and the clunky tablet controller in the case of the Wii U. The release of the new hardware from Nintendo is specified in the document as 20XX. But it will probably take some time.

It was also said goodbye this week for the Nintendo 3DS. Over nine years after the handheld was released, production was finally stopped. To date, the 3DS has sold over 75.8 million units. For some time now, there have also been rumors that Nintendo is working on a 4K model of the Nintendo Switch. Allegedly, developers are said to have already been commissioned to make their new titles compatible with 4K. We'll keep you informed here.

Source: Nintendo

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