It is conceivable that we will see a new crew in one of the upcoming Star Trek films. At least if director Nicholas Meyer has his way.

Star Trek with a new hero

Meyer, known as the director of Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan, has pitched a new film for the Paramount film studio. There is not yet a complete script, just a first proposal with the idea, the basic story and some concept drawings. Meyer explains: "My partner Steven-Charles Jaffe and I designed a whole treatment and a plan for a Star Trek feature film. We didn't write a whole script. We worked out a very detailed treatment and included a whole pitch documentary Illustrations. It's a very big deal. And we took it first to Alex Kurtzman, then to JJ (Abrams), and then to Emma Watts at Paramount. "

He didn't want to reveal what this idea is about yet. However, he stated that if Paramount continued with the idea, we would see a new crew. "It's an independent part of the Star Trek universe based on gaps in the chronology, which would allow the insertion of new material," he said. He also said that the film would open up further possibilities, for example it could lead into a new series. Or the idea is immediately implemented as a series, that would also be an option. "It's a detailed suggestion of something that could be a movie, or it could become a series. It would also be possible for the film to lead to a series, or a series that could become a movie … It could also be a series of films. Yes, absolutely. "

However, this project is different from the film that screenwriter Kalinda Vasquez is currently working on.

Source: Trekmovie

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