The Xbox Series S is already the cheapest next-gen console anyway, but Amazon has reduced the price even further on Prime Day. The Xbox Series S has rarely been as cheap as it is now!

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Xbox Series S: New console on sale at Amazon

Microsoft’s new console, the Xbox Series S, should actually be offered on November 10th for a price of 299.99 euros – but even before the official start of sales, shipping giant Amazon is undercutting the manufacturer’s price. Instead of 299.99 euros, you get the Xbox Series S here for just one time 290,99 Euro – this is the new best price, as a look at the price trend shows:

Overview of the price history of the Xbox Series S within the last month (Image:

Anyone who thinks that this way they will not only get the console cheaper but also get them home earlier will have to be disappointed. The Xbox Series S is expected to be delivered to you in time for the sales launch on November 10, 2020.

Xbox Series S: who is it worth buying the console for?

Players save around 200 euros when buying the Xbox Series S compared to the more powerful Xbox Series X or the disc version of the PS5. So the perfect bargain console of the new generation? If you don’t mind the fact that the console has a maximum native resolution of 1440p instead of 4K or 8K and only offers a 512 GB SSD as storage space, you can save a lot of money with the Series S.

It should be noted, however, that the Series S lacks the Series X optical drive. You can only buy games digitally via the store. The console’s memory can be expanded easily. Microsoft did not save on the refresh rate. The Xbox Series S also supports variable refresh rate and up to 120 FPS in games. In addition, the console is much more compact than its big brother and should therefore easily find space in your living room.

Xbox Series S (512 GB / weiß)

Xbox Series S (512 GB / weiß)

You can find out more about the Xbox Series and the differences between the two models in Video:

What is suitable for many gamers as a supplement to the purchase of the Xbox Series S is the purchase of the “Xbox Game Pass Ultimate” for 12.99 euros per month. In this way you have a large selection of over 100 games immediately after delivery of your console, which is constantly being expanded. In addition, when you buy from Amazon, you receive a discount voucher that lowers the price of the 3-month membership by 40 percent. Effectively So you only pay 7.79 euros per month for the game subscription with included “Xbox Live Gold” membership.

For anyone looking for a cheap entry into the world of new consoles, the Xbox Series S is definitely worth a look – especially now that Amazon has reduced the price again.