Niantic has to postpone new function due to technical problems

from David Martin
Niantic is moving a new feature for Pokémon Go. As the developers say in a recent Twitter post, the feature for inviting friends to raids is still a long time coming due to technical problems. The function therefore no longer makes it into play in June. At what time the necessary update appears, is not clear from the information provided by Niantic. The developers want to use this function to further customize Pokémon Go for single players. As part of the corona pandemic, Niantic had gradually converted the smartphone adventure for use in the living room at home.

Niantic has to postpone a new feature for Pokémon Go. Via the short message service Twitter, the developers say that the function of inviting friends to raids is still a bit of a wait. Due to technical problems, the function could no longer be rolled out in June. At what point in time the corresponding update can be expected is not clear from the information. As soon as an appointment has been made, Niantic wants to inform the players. We will of course keep you up to date in our news area.

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With the friend invitations for raid battles, Pokémon Go is to be further optimized for single players. The developers had the smartphone adventure in the In the wake of the corona crisis and global lockdowns gradually converted for operation in your own four walls. As soon as the new feature is available, a plus symbol will appear in public and private lobbies, which you can use to invite up to five friends to a raid fight.

Your buddies will then receive a push message. With this invitation they can finally join the group fight. The raid pass is only due as soon as the fight begins – and not already in the lobby. To announce the function, Niantic had also announced that the Legendary Pokémon Reshiram will also return to the level 5 raid battles at a later date. So if you missed it last, you get another chance. The monster probably appears after the introduction of the friends function.

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