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Niantic has teased a new event on Twitter, the focus of which is said to be a mysterious mythical Pokémon. The community is already eagerly discussing which Pokémon it could be – maybe the Beetle / Steel Pokémon Genesect?

Niantic has one again mysterious teaser released via Twitterthat promises fans a mythical encounter. The text for the tweet reads: "Something mythical is coming, coach ..:". Below is a picture that shows two footprints in stone. Pokémon GO fans are already eagerly speculating what the mysterious Pokémon could be. While some players on Twitter take the matter of humor and post pictures of Schneppke (whose shape fits perfectly into the footprint), other coaches have a valid theory: They suspect that Niantic anteases the release of the Pokémon Genesect with the picture.

Genesect is a mythical fifth generation Pokémon of the double type Beetle / Steel. Genesect originally lived 300 million years ago when Team Plasma revived it, modified it and planted a cannon on its back. The fact that the footprints on the teaser image actually come from Genesect makes sense because of the ancient origin of the Pokémon and the shape of its feet.

His base values ​​are 174 KP, 252 attack and 199 defense. His maximum WP is at level 40 at 3,353 points.

Genesect will have the following pool of attacks in Pokémon GO:

  • Metal claw (normal attack, steel type)
  • Wrathblade (normal attack, beetle type)
  • Cross shear (charge attack, type Beetle)
  • Magnetic bomb (charge attack, type steel)
  • Hyper-ray (charge attack, type normal)

What do you all mean? Is the teased Pokémon really Genesect? Or do you have another guess? Let us know in the comments!

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