The new mobile game Nier Reincarnation is now officially available from us in the West. The Nier franchise has now worked its way up to one of the strongest ranks of Square Enix and new offshoots are always welcome. However, the developers are not as optimistic as the producer Yosuke Saito told IGN:

“To be honest, we don’t expect much from the mobile game market in the west. We just hope it’ll be a good start into the Nier franchise for people interested in the title.”

According to Saito, Nier became (buy now 54,61 €) Reincarnation developed with the same approach as a console title. He is also convinced that the charm of the Nier series becomes clearly visible when you try the title.

Director Daichi Matsukawa also stated that games for smartphone devices are often not really understood in the West:

“In order for western players to accept a mobile game, we have to develop it with the same quality as a console title. At the same time, however, we have to exploit the strengths of mobile games by constantly implementing new updates. Nier Reincarnation cannot can only be played comfortably on the side, but also evolves every day. “

The creator of the Nier series, Yoko Taro, also spoke up when asked how the numerous Nier worlds are connected for this title. According to Yoko, the worlds are connected “so that Square Enix can make money through gacha”. Gacha is a popular system for microtransactions in Japanese mobile games and has meanwhile established itself quite well in the West thanks to titles such as Genshin Impact.

Yoko’s comment on this should be taken as a joke, of course, but Nier Reincarnation actually has a gacha mechanic. According to him, however, the title turned out so well that gamers don’t even notice that it’s a mobile game.

Everyone has to decide for themselves whether Nier Reincarnation really has the quality of a console title, since the game is now for iOS – and Android devices is available.

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