Ninja and Shroud have declined millions of deals from Facebook Gaming – game news

from Dominik Zwingmann
Mixer streamers Ninja and Shroud have declined a new double-digit deal from Facebook that should have bound them to the streaming platform Facebook Gaming after the end of Mixer. Now both streamers could make a comeback at Twitch. The first statements by Ninja and Shroud are already on Twitter.

Microsoft surprisingly announced the end of Mixer on Monday evening. The streaming platform will merge with Facebook Gaming after the shutdown on July 22, 2020. Last year, the exclusive contracts for the then Twitch streamers Ninja and Shroud made headlines. With the end of Mixer, the streaming market is of course now looking to the upcoming future of the two streamers.

All Mixer partners are given the opportunity to join Facebook Gaming with partner status. In the case of Ninja and Shroud, however, the exclusive contracts were renegotiated. According to current information, Facebook would have been willing to pay almost double the amount of the original mixer contract if Tyler "Ninja" Blevins and Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek committed themselves exclusively to Facebook Gaming. However, the streamers declined this offer.

Microsoft now has to pay the original amount of the deal to Ninja and Shroud. Ninja received up to $ 30 million for his move in August 2019. Shroud moved from Twitch to Mixer in October 2019, signing a $ 10 million deal. Tyler Blevins and Michael Grzesiek are now "free agents" again and would therefore also be available for a comeback at Twitch. Here both streamers would also get their old followers back. Here could Ninja collect over 14.7 million followers during his time at Twitch – the account of Shroud it has over 7 million followers.

Tyler Blevins and Michael Grzesiek have already made short statements on Twitter. You will be informed shortly about your next steps.

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