Ninja and Shroud make fun of Dr DisRespect's valorant skills

You can't be good at all games, not even well-known streamers. That doesn't stop Ninja and Shroud from making fun of Dr DisRespect's valorant skills.

Valorant is still in closed beta, but is already on par with games like Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone. Many have already said that the game has a lot of potential in the long run, which is why Valorant in particular is currently often played in streams.

It seems that the game is currently leading to competitions and rankings among the streamers, for example the recent interaction between Ninja, Shroud and Dr DisRespect.

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Valorant: No game for Dr DisRespect?

It all started with a losing bet between Dr DisRespect and TimtheTatMan. Both wagered 100 subs on who could rank higher in Valorant. TimtheTatMan prevailed against his challenger with Silver-2, because Dr DisRespect ended in Bronze-3. Dr DisRespect kept his word and donated 100 subs to his worthy opponent, but his bigger punishment seems to be that he got rid of mockery from Ninja and Shroud:

The spirited streamer then deleted the game, said he never wanted to play it again, and then followed both Ninja and Shroud.

Many believe that uninstalling Valorant could actually be permanent because Dr DisRespect has previously voiced its problems with the game. Valorant will be released for everyone on June 2, 2020, the players have to start from scratch. We have more information here.

Have you already tested the new shooter? Do you also have a game that you like, but just don't want to do it that way? Let us know your experience in the comments.