Ninja is now holding its own Fortnite tournament on Mixer

Some of you may have forgotten Fortnite, but Ninja doesn't – you know, the streamer with the sometimes colorful hair who once streamed Fortnite on Twitch and then switched to blender? He is still streaming on Mixer, but this time a specially organized Fortnite tournament.


It's Fortnite time! But not for you, at least not in the active one I would like to play along-Sense. Ninja Battles is Ninja's first Fortnite tournament on mixer, in which sixty of the greatest Fortnite stars and best players compete against each other for a prize pool of $ 400,000. May the last survivor win! Or the one who can build better.

“I joined Mixer to push boundaries, create new types of streaming content, and connect with fans in new ways. Ninja Battles is a new kind of gameplay in the community. I look forward to sharing this competitive experience with my fans, as well as having my teammates and friends participate, ”is what Ninja is towards deadline himself said about his tournament.

The extent to which Ninja Battles carries a new type of gameplay through the community remains to be seen. However, this may mean the type of tournament, which of course will take place entirely online: every participant streams from their home computer, just like you Only fight online Ninja's mixer channel can track. Confirmed competitors include Bugha – the Fortnite World Champion – Nick Eh 30, Ewok, NateHill and Reverse2K. In addition, the games are commented live as usual, by the well-known Fortnite commentators BallaTW and MonsterDface.

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The first Fortnite Battles games were streamed live on Mixer on May 28, 2020 at 9 p.m. Meanwhile, new episodes are crawling every Thursday at 9 p.m. to the daylight of Mixer, the next date would be June 4th – if you want to take a look at the stream.