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The problem has existed for almost as long as the Nintendo Switch has existed: Joy-Con-Drift. This is a technical defect, due to which the left analog stick of the console is triggered automatically without the player doing anything – he "drifts". Of course, this sometimes leads to considerable problems when playing and has been annoying many gamers for years, who often make their displeasure online. Now Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa has officially apologized for the problem at a financial meeting.

Shortly after the release of the Nintendo Switch in March 2017 the problem of Joy-Con drift online for the first time. As if by magic, the character moves on the console screen without actually entering the left analog stick. Of course, this sometimes makes it completely impossible to play. This is due to a technical effect that primarily affects the left-hand models of the Joy-Cons. In the last more than three years since the Switch was released, the phenomenon has affected countless players who often vent their displeasure online.

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Nintendo apologizes

So far, Nintendo has tried not to pay too much attention to the topic. A while ago, however, started in the United States Class action because of this problem, which is still ongoing. Still expressed Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa at a recent financial meeting and apologized to the players and customers for the inconvenience. Nintendo always tries to improve the products, says Furukawa. But he doesn't want to say more about this because of the ongoing class action lawsuit in the USA. After all, Nintendo has now officially recognized the problem after several years.

In the US, customers can "drift" from Nintendo's Joy-Cons repair free of charge. However, this is not the case in other regions, although Joy-Con-Drift affects consoles all over the world.

Source: Kotaku

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