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Players "stacksmashing" had to learn that Nintendo does not like it when unsolicited videos are made and distributed about the company's products – especially not when the video shows how to play ROMs on a handheld.

Nintendo lets videos take offline

"stacksmashing" discovered a way how you can swap the game Super Mario Bros. on the handheld Game & Watch for other games and wanted to show this in a video. Much to the displeasure of Nintendo. The company insisted on copyright law and had two of its videos on YouTube blocked. One was just showing him playing Super Mario Bros. But it should be known by now that Nintendo is not a fan of unauthorized Let's Plays. According to "stacksmashing" Nintendo did not contact him, but had the videos blocked directly. However, there were no further disadvantages to "stacksmashing". Nintendo has not yet commented on this situation.

The situation shows how much Youtubers or Twitch streamers are dependent on the manufacturers. You are in a legal gray area and videos about games are basically only tolerated. The Youtubers / streamers have no rights to the material shown and the developers or publishers can basically intervene at any time and use a copyright strike to ensure that videos have to be taken offline. You could actually say that the whole scene was built on sand and that a Damocles sword hangs over every streamer and Youtuber in this area, which, as in the case of "stacksmashing", can zoom down at any time.

Source: Polygon

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