The PS4 exclusive title Dreams has already produced some elaborate and good fan creations. However, some are apparently too good, such as a user's Super Mario game that had to be taken down due to a complaint from Nintendo.

The sandbox game Dreams is themed “play, create, share” and enables users to design games, music and the like in order to share it with the community. The community works with a wide variety of franchises and games are a popular topic. The lively little Italian Mario, for example, is very popularHowever, Nintendo does not like to see this.

The imagination knows no limits.

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Dreams: The best and most beautiful creations of the community

Dreams and the copyright thing

It seems that some companies are keeping a close eye on dreams. One reason could be that particularly good creations could be offered for sale in the PSN store in the future. Creative Director Mark Healey does not find this idea absurd and even good, as he does with the VGC mentioned page:

“One of the obvious things I think we should do is pick out some of the brilliant content and put it on the PSN store as a standalone product.

That would be a fantastic story and if you see how the community has developed in such a short time, there are already things that are almost PSN worthy. I am sure that I will achieve this. "

One of these titles, which could be worthy of PSN, also belongs the work of Piece of Craft, the its own Super Mario game created. However, its creation is now blocked because it probably contains "copyrighted material".

"Good news and bad news.
We flew too close to the sun, people! A major video game company, which I will not mention, has obviously not read my “be cool” note.
Don't worry, we have a backup plan. But at the moment Mario projects in Dreams are put on hold until I put this plan into practice."

A video that Betusch published on YouTube allows a look at the entire project:

What do you say Is it right for companies to keep an eye on it and to intervene, or should creative minds and streamers be given the chance to possibly sell such works? Please write us your opinion in the comments.