It happens again and again that developers leave hidden messages for resourceful players. For example, Riot Games have one in their anti-cheat software for the shooter Valorant Type of job posting placed, with which they want to recruit any hackers.

Nintendo has probably also hidden a small message for its players, but not in the actual files of one of their games. Instead, there is a small lettering on the inside of the Nintendo Pro controller that says “THX 2 ALL GAME FANS!” reads. So, “Thanks to all video game fans!”

This is what the Reddit user “ruumoo” found out when he dismantled his Pro controller for unknown reasons. Maybe he just enjoyed it. In the comments, other users report that you don’t have to disassemble the controller to see this message. Instead, you should also be able to see them when you push the analog stick back and hold the controller under a bright light.

It definitely makes sense that this message can be found this way. After all, the company was never particularly enthusiastic when gamers unscrew their Nintendo devices themselves to take a closer look at the inner workings.

Even if the ruumoo user can no longer send his controller to Nintendo customer service to have it repaired, he was at least happy to discover this little Easter egg. The other users of the subreddit are also visibly enthusiastic about this discovery, which can be seen from the respectable number of upvotes and the Reddit awards.

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