Nintendo increases production so that you all get a switch despite Corona

Everyone wants a switch, and everyone wants to play Animal Crossing: New Horizons. In the eye of the coronavirus pandemic, the world wants to spend time at home, in a cozy home, or at least keep their children busy while the school and kindergarten are idle. Ergo, the Switch is sold out almost everywhere – what Nintendo wants to change now.

While the economy is groaning painfully under the Covid 19 pandemic, other branches of industry are overrun: Streaming services, Online networks and also producers of consoles like the Switch are overflowing. Because what to do when you're stuck at home? Watching series or playing a switch is what most people think of.

The increased demand along with Delivery bottlenecks and Supply chain disruptions lead to, as is currently the case with Amazon. At MediaMarkt is the console completely sold out, At least the moment I write this article. I only have one at Saturn Switch at a moderate price found that will be delivered within the next few days should.

It's not easy to grab a switch from an online retailer right now. (And if you want a special version of the Switch, you can probably forget it right away.) In the wake of the extreme demand for the consoles, Nintendo is said to have now decided to increase production by about ten percent this year. How much that will matter and how quickly we will actually feel the increase in production remains uncertain. The economic magazine Nikkei quotes a spokesman for Nintendo:

"We hope that our suppliers will be receptive to increasing production, but it remains unclear how well we can procure individual parts, and we cannot predict exactly how many switch consoles we can now offer."

Nikkei notes in the same article that the average playing time in the USA by 45 percent had risen, and in France by 38 percent. So whether Nintendo can handle this remains a question that has not yet been fully resolved. However, they seem to be trying desperately.

What do you play after you sew a mask?

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We play in the editorial office to distract ourselves

Original message from March 26, 1:10 p.m.

Nintendo Switch sold out almost everywhere – prices are rising dramatically

The delivery problems with the Nintendo Switch are related to two causes. On the one hand there is the increased demand. People spend a lot of time at home and a console provides distraction and distraction. Since Nintendo games are also suitable for younger audiences, a switch is also a good way to keep your children a little busy.

The second cause is simple the production stop in many countries of consoles or individual components. Many online shops state that new devices will only be available again from June 2020.

Only the Switch Lite is still in the MediaMarkt online shop 214.90 euros including shipping costs.

Of course, you can still buy Nintendo Switch consoles via third-party providers, for example on Ebay. The prices here are however well above those of the official dealers and also beware of fraudsters who want to profit from the high demand. Even with the usual providers the price rose to 320 euros, since the Christmas season, the Nintendo Switch was available for most of the time for less than 300 euros (can be seen in the price development idealo).

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Nintendo Switch: Our insider tips on the hybrid console

Not only in Germany, but also in the rest of Europe and the USA, the Nintendo Switch is sold out in many places. If you do not want to dig deeper into your pocket or do not want a lite version, you should wait to buy or prepare for a very long delivery time.