Nintendo is taking action against individual switch modders

Nintendo shows little forbearance when someone is tampering with the switch. Even a small US company now arouses the anger of the Japanese game maker.

Nintendo doesn't like switch mods

Nintendo is working hard to prevent the spread of a mod chip with which Pirated copies of switch games would be made possible. A US company that only built the chips has now become the goal of the game manufacturer.

How Ars Technica Reported, the company offered to install the mod chips for $ 60. Although it discontinued the service following an injunction from Nintendo's lawyers, its founder, Van Rheen, is far from satisfied with the request.

He does not see how he breaks the law by installing the chips without selling them himself. Nintendo's accusation that they Allow pirated gameshe replies:

“You only have the option to play pirated games. You could also buy a knife. You have the opportunity to kill someone or you only use it to cut onions. "

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"Bluntly illegal behavior will not be tolerated"

According to Rheen, the chips are primarily used to save games on an external SD card so that users do not have to pay for Nintendo's own service.

The Japanese game manufacturer understandably sees the situation completely differently. With his service, Rheen would specifically contribute to users being able to ignore the switch's security precautions. Nintendo cannot tolerate such blunt illegal behavior.

What do you say about the dispute between Nintendo and Van Rheen's company: is the game manufacturer rightly against the installation of the mod chips? Let us know in the comments.