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Nintendo and Lego recently jointly launched a number of interactive Mario Lego sets. The starter set includes a Mario character that has various sensors to interact with the individual elements of the set. A talented hobbyist has now written software with which Lego-Mario functions as a controller in Super Mario Bros. using the sensors. He shows the work in action in a video.

The came at the beginning of August Lego Mario series on the market. With the different sets, typical Mario worlds can be recreated from Lego and even played. This works because the Lego Mario has some technology. A motion sensor, an acceleration sensor, an optical sensor and Bluetooth are installed on the underside. That's enough to use Block Mario as a motion-based controller, connect it wirelessly to a PC and play Super Mario Bros. with it. At least if you have the necessary knowledge to write the necessary software. That's exactly what a talented hobbyist / developer did and put his work into action as a Video on Twitter divided.

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Lego Mario as a controller

The controls with the Lego Mario are simple. Tilting forwards lets the figure move forward in the game, tilting backwards accordingly backwards. To jump, a corresponding movement is made with Lego Mario. To start the game initially, the plastic figure must scan a green plate using an optical sensor on the underside. Entering a tube in the game is a little more complicated. To do this, Lego-Mario also has to be put into a tube – just made of Lego. According to the developer's own statement, the project wasn't too time-consuming, it took around four hours of work.

If you choose the Lego Mario sets interested, we recommend ours detailed article on the topic. For this purpose, we have set up and tried out the starter set and two extension sets.

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