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"Nintendo Direct Lite" in the live stream: The publisher is broadcasting today's edition of Indie World for Nintendo Switch on the Internet. A specific time has already been set: the new episode starts at 6 p.m. You can follow the new announcements directly on your home screen via livestream – so you won't miss any of the new products. Nintendo wants to use Indie World as a platform to present both well-known and new indie games for Switch. The show is scheduled to last 20 minutes.

Today's Nintendo show is all about Indie games for Nintendo Switch. The publisher will broadcast the new edition of Indie World via live stream on the Internet. A time has already been set: the starting gun will be given at 6 p.m. You can follow the broadcast on the home screen with the live stream integrated below. So you won't miss any of the new announcements. So far, Nintendo has not been able to elicit many details. Just this much: "In the almost 20-minute edition, players get a preview of indie games that will soon be released for Nintendo Switch."

Among other things, Nintendo wants to deliver updates on previously announced indie games in the live stream to the indie world. In addition, one or the other new product is to be expected. Big switch blockbusters are not expected to be announced at Indie World tonight. In the last issue in March, Nintendo presented Exit the Gungeon, Eldest Souls and The Last Campfire, among others.

At what time a new main edition of Nintendo Direct with upcoming Switch games will follow is not yet known. Nintendo has not yet given any details. How, however, among other things VGC website Regarding Insider Reports, another show could follow in the coming week. The previous edition of Nintendo Direct was broadcast almost a year ago. We will keep you up to date in our news area.

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