Nintendo makes 95-year-old gamer a wonderful gift

The Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun recently published the heartwarming story of a 95-year-old woman who only got a wonderful gift from a misunderstanding.

From one of Japan’s largest newspapers (Asahi Shimbun) one reaches us through Kotaku history brought to the western world. In an article, 70-year-old Kuniko Tsusaka from Chiba tells of one of her mother's greatest passions: playing Tetris on their Game Boy.

When the mother turned 95, her third Game Boy stopped working and Kuniko Tsusaka couldn't find a store to fix it. No new devices have been manufactured since 2003. It was Kuniko Tsusaka's son who spoke about the excellent customer service and this is where the misunderstanding arose that ultimately led to the happy ending of the story.

The son spoke of Nintendo's customer service as "Kami taiou" (神 対 応), which means "divine help". However, his mother thought he had "Kami" (紙) said, i.e. paper. In the Japanese language, different Kanji characters are more often pronounced the same, which then leads to such misunderstandings if the participants do not ask for the spelling. Often these questions are dealt with in the context of the sentence, but not always.

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Since her son had spoken of "paper" in her opinion, Kuniko Tsusaka sent a letter including the broken Game Boy to Nintendo. She received an answer within a week. Nintendo wrote that although they could not repair the Game Boy, they could still find a device in a warehouse. They sent the Game Boy and wished their mother a long life.

Tsusaka's mother turned 99 and remained mentally fit until the very end. Maybe also because she kept her memory moving while playing Tetris – who knows?