Nintendo Sony console prototype auction out of control

of Susanne Braun
In the 90s, the inventors from Nintendo and Sony worked together on a console project, a mixture of Playstation and SNES with the option of reading both cartridges and CDs. Of the supposedly 200 prototypes, the last one that still exists is currently being auctioned off – and will reach utopian prices after just a few days.

The auction of the alleged last prototype for a console collaboration between Sony and Nintendo in the 1990s, a mixture of SNES and Playstation (buy now for 39.48 €), officially known as the Nintendo Play Station Super NES CD-ROM Prototype, is only a few days after Started at Heritage Auctions out of control. Sure, it's an extremely rare one-off if the rumors are right that it's really the last of 200 prototypes built. Within a few days, the bids went from a few thousand US dollars to 360,000 US dollars (as of February 14, 2020, 2 p.m.) – and reservations are not yet included. The auction ends in three weeks, i.e. in March 2020, so there is still enough time that one or the other collector can participate in the auction with the necessary small change. When the auction closes, this prototype is expected to become the most expensive gaming-related item ever.

But what is it, a Nintendo Play Station Super NES CD-ROM prototype? For a long time, the existence of these prototypes was more rumor than reality. In the early 1990s, Nintendo and Sony's inventors came together to work on a hybrid of Nintendo's SNES and Sony's Playstation. (Edit: As our reader Snorki rightly noted, it was about the further development of the Nintendo consoles, in which the people of Nintendo lost interest. The inventors of Sony finally came up with the Playstation.) Only 200 pieces are said to have ever existed and all other prototypes of this failed cooperation are said to have been destroyed over the years.

The Heritage Auction folks tried the console, it is said to still work. In addition to a slot for the cartridge, it also has a CD-ROM drive. The latter had to be repaired after the console was found in 2009 and doesn't do much more than play music CDs. It is believed that the drive was also intended for game discs, but no software is known to run on the prototype. The device has some buttons and outputs, the benefits of which are unknown. The controller, which looks like an SNES controller but on which Sony PlayStation is located, is undoubtedly interesting. You can see all the details of the prototype at Heritage Auction. We are very excited to see how high the final bid will be in March 2020.

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