Nintendo successfully sued popular attraction in Japan

If you were in Tokyo, you might have noticed a few small racing cars on the street. These are part of Japanese leisure time fun, which, when it comes to Nintendo, is much too much like a certain game and therefore successfully sued the organizer.

Mario Kart is already accompanying the fans for many years and who hasn’t sworn when he suddenly hits you during a good lap blue mushroom saw flying or canceled a friendship after sharing the Rainbow Route denied. The game probably takes care of numerous memories and developed into one worldwide cult classicwho so many as inspiration served.

So does the company Mari Mobilitythat is regularly in Tokyo funny race organized. The event even developed into a successful one Tourist attraction and found numerous enthusiasts. However, it was not at all enthusiastic Nintendo,

Can you go karting there?

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The end of the races?

Owing to trademark rights has Nintendo against the popular pastime complained and also won, The company now has to pay Nintendo 50 million yen (roughly equivalent to 417,000 euros) Pay damages. Nevertheless, according to the official website, its tourist attraction do not give up:

“We at Street Kart offer our service as usual. Street Kart fully adheres to Japanese law. Street Kart is in no way a reflection of Nintendo's game Mario Kart. (We do not offer any Mario series costumes.)

In the future, you could continue to encounter the colorful and versatile racing car or even take part yourself. Certainly an experience that will be remembered.