When the Nintendo Switch hit the market in 2017, nobody could have imagined the huge success that the hybrid console would achieve worldwide. Last year alone, the Switch took first place in the hardware sales charts in numerous countries around the world for several months, and sales figures have almost exceeded the 80 million mark. In retrospect, Nintendo can be very happy with the console. But before the launch, there was probably an extremely tense mood at the Japanese company. As Reggie Fils-Aimé, the former president of Nintendo of America, explained in a recent streaming interview, there was a lot at stake. This was mainly due to the previously very poor performance of the Wii U. When the Switch was released, it was about "all or nothing".

"You know, Nintendo has brought in a lot of innovations. I think what Nintendo has with the Switch (buy now ) after the poor performance of the Wii U (…) People forget, when the Wii U came out, the performance in this life cycle was poor. I mean it was the worst selling platform. I think maybe the Virtual Boy was a little worse. But the Wii U was drastically below market expectations. (…) The Switch was indeed an 'all or nothing' product for the company and luckily it was a hit. "

As the statements by Films-Aimé suggest, it would appear that Nintendo would have been in great distress if the Switch – just like the Wii U – had been a big flop. In the worst case, it could even have mean the end of the company.

Source: Twitch

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