Firmware 12.0.3 is available for download for the Nintendo Switch. The publisher is keeping a low profile with specific patch notes: The support website only states that the update “improves system performance in order to optimize the user experience”. It is not known which screws the developers actually turned. Update 12.0.3 does not seem to add any new features. The known Dataminer Oatmealdome however, wants to have found out further changes and innovations. During a data analysis, he discovered that the firmware was addressing a problem relating to the eShop.

Users had last reported the error message 2123-1502 on the switch (buy now ) when you enter the eShop. With the new firmware, the problem should be a thing of the past. In addition, the update seems to add more words to the list of indecent words.

Changes have apparently also been made to SSL encryption and the OS kernel. The SSL connections could have caused the recent problems with the eShop. Further information on the new switch firmware 12.0.3 is not known. You can get the update as usual via the settings menu of the switch. Many more news about the current one We keep Nintendo console on our topic page ready.


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