A system update for the Nintendo Switch is usually not a reason for popping corks, but the latest has a few useful new features. You can pull screenshots directly from the console, more or less directly.

Nintendo Switch

In order to improve user surveys, manufacturers provide their consoles with system updates in order to correct errors or implement new functions. This is what happened recently with the Nintendo Switch. Among other things new is a new possibility Transfer screenshots to the smartphone. But this is very cumbersome, find some players.

There is a new thread on the Switch Reddit with the telling name "The madness of image transfer" and addresses this new function. In a rather long text, a user explains why he considers the transfer of screenshots to be absolutely absurd.

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The Nintendo Switch Online app is not used to load screenshots from your Switch onto your smartphone. Instead you have to be in your album Select a maximum of ten screenshots or a video and then select via the "share function" that you want to send them to your smartphone. The Switch then hosts a page including its own local network with the screenshots which you can then access from your smartphone using a QR code. By the way, you have to download each screenshot individually.

The reason why Nintendo chooses this rather peculiar route is quite simple, it hardly costs them anything. Since everything happens locally on the respective switch, you do not have to provide any resources to ensure the data transfer.

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Nintendo Switch – Blue / Red Edition 2019

There is also an easier way

With the same update, however, the function was added, Transferring data to the PC via USB cablewhich is definitely easier than the QR code method. The screenshots are still not on the smartphone. You can find more information in the Patch notes.

Two other innovations should also please the fans. You can now manually choose which download should be carried out firstas soon as there are several. Also be Cloud data will now be downloaded automaticallyif you use several systems with one account. This means that Nintendo is so late for the party that they are almost too early for the next one, but who wants to complain?