The regular Switch is in short supply, but the Nintendo Switch Lite is still available – and even at the best price! The console including shipping costs in the Lidl online shop only 183.95 euros. We trace the price development.

Original message from December 9th:

Nintendo Switch Lite is now well under 200 euros

The console is currently available in all three colors (Gray, yellow and turquoise) on myToys at an unbeatable price from 180.94 euros instead 199.99 euros. However, the whole thing has a little catch: You only get the discount if you pay with paydirekt.

How to get the Nintendo Switch Lite at the best price:

Receive customers at 10% discount on your purchaseif you pay with paydirekt. So choose the payment method at the checkout paydirect, you will automatically receive one Discount of 20 euros. If you should also register for the newsletter, you can save another 2 euros. So in the end including shipping costs only 180.94 euros due for the Switch Lite – according to * the absolute best price. The promotion is still valid up to and including December 31, 2019.

Note: At the checkout paydirect choose as payment method. The discount is granted automatically.

Nintendo Switch Lite offers in the recent past

Since the Nintendo Switch Lite It has only been officially on the market for a few months, and it is not yet possible to predict to what extent the console will decrease in price. When offering for 180.94 euros it was the previous one historical best price since release.

* Price comparison loud

If you decide to buy a Switch Lite, you can also consider purchasing a Nintendo Switch online subscription. These games are available for free:

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Nintendo Switch Online: New free SNES games including Star Fox 2

The Nintendo Switch Lite is the compact lightweight and a washable handheld that works without removable Joy-Cons. Those who are still interested in their big sister will find the best offers here.