At the beginning of this month, Nintendo released the more extensive system update 12.0.0 for the Nintendo Switch. Not all of the features that were on the wish lists of many fans were introduced by a long way. In the meantime, another update is available for download, but this time some Switch owners are likely to be disappointed.

How from the official patch notes for update 12.0.1 As can be seen, the update is mainly concerned with a general improvement in system stability. Further details cannot be found in the description, so that this time, among other things, the support for Bluetooth headphones desired by many fans is missing. Here is the overview:

Patch Notes for the Nintendo Switch 12.0.1

  • General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience.

Hidden changes

The Notes are therefore not too extensive. The “OatmealDome” dataminer has found a few more details in the files of the system update, for which a more detailed explanation is also missing. Accordingly, there were, for example, undocumented changes to Bluetooth and the BSD sockets. In addition, something has changed on the swear word list. But there is no specific information on this either. Here is the list:

– Bluetooth
– BSD Sockets (creates connections over the Internet)
– Swear words list

If Nintendo should speak up about this again, we will of course pass the information on to you immediately. What changes do you wish for the Nintendo Switch (buy now )? Which features should Nintendo add as part of an update? Let us know in the comments!

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