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Nintendo distributes trial memberships for Nintendo Switch Online. As the publisher announces on Twitter, users can now take out a one-week subscription – free of charge. The offer also applies if you have already used the first 7-day Switch Online Trial with your account. You can secure free membership in the eShop. The subscription gives you access to the online functions of the Switch. In addition, you play retro classics for NES and SNES.

Nintendo is distributing additional trial accesses for Switch Online. On the Short message service Twitter the publisher announces that players can now secure another 7-day membership for free. The offer also applies if you have already linked and used the first 7-day trial with your account. With the one-week membership, Nintendo wants to draw attention to the advantages of Switch Online. A subscription gives you access to the multiplayer functions of the switch games.

In addition, membership in Nintendo Switch Online gives you access to the game library for NES and SNES. These include, for example, Super Mario World, Star Fox, F-Zero and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past for SNES and Excitebike, Dr. Mario, Ice Climber and Super Mario Bros. for NES. A list of the current ones Retro games for Nintendo Switch Online members the company has on its website.

There is also a storage data cloud and voice chat function via smartphone app. Subscribers also receive exclusive offers. Nintendo Switch Online costs EUR 3.99 for a month and EUR 7.99 for three months. The annual subscription is available for 19.99 euros. Note that the subscription is automatically renewed. You can deactivate the function in your account settings. The 7-day trial membership offer does not apply to active subscribers. (buy now for € 509.99)

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