Nintendo Switch Online: Three new "free" games in July

from Johannes Gehrling
Nintendo is once again expanding its range of "free" NES and SNES games for the Switch as part of Nintendo Switch Online. The company announced this on the social media platform Twitter. This time three new titles will be added, two for Super Nintendo and one for NES. The games will soon be available to all Nintendo Switch Online subscribers.

who Nintendo Switch Online Subscribing to Nintendo's online service does several things for this. The subscription is necessary, for example, to play Nintendo games online on the Switch, use the official app for smartphones and save game data in the cloud. There are also exclusive offers for subscribers and just: A whole range of free NES and SNES games for the switch! 68 NES games for the hybrid console have already appeared, including many great classics such as Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, Metroid or Kirby's Adventure. Also 29 SNES games – for example Super Metroid, Super Mario World, Star Fox and Demon's Crest. So-called special versions included. Nintendo started doing this some time ago, only irregularly new NES and SNES games for the Switch to publish. Now it is time again, as the company announced on Twitter.

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New NES & SNES games for Switch

Already at July 15, 2020 (Wednesday) two new SNES and one new NES game will be released for the Switch. It refers to Donkey Kong Country (SNES), Natsume championshop wrestling (SNES) and The Immortal (NES). The new games will be published via update and will then be immediately available to all online subscribers.

A membership in Nintendo Switch (buy now) Online costs 19.99 euros per year for a single player. Subscriptions of 90 days (7.99 euros) or 30 days (3.99 euros) are also possible. At the beginning there is a free trial period of seven days. The family membership for up to eight Nintendo accounts costs me 34.99 euros per year and is only available in this variant.

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