Since the official market launch in spring 2017, the Nintendo Switch has gotten a bit old. For months there have been rumors about an improved Pro version of the hybrid console that promises higher performance and a better display. But how exactly could the Nintendo Switch Pro look like? A first design concept shows what would be possible.

Nintendo Switch Pro: Improved console version has been in discussion for a long time

It was already clear when the Nintendo Switch was launched that the console did not offer much hardware power compared to the PS4 and Xbox One. No wonder, after all, the device is not only much more compact but can also be used on the go.

After the launch of the Xbox Series X / S and PS5, however, the hardware of the Switch finally looked hopelessly outdated. So it’s high time for a hardware upgrade, right? An improved Nintendo Switch Pro has been under discussion for some time – a few weeks ago, however, the indications became noticeable and became more and more specific.

It is currently assumed, for example, that Samsung will produce special OLED displays for the new hybrid console. In addition, the Switch Pro should also support 4K resolution in docked mode, rely on Nvidia DLSS and offer a larger display.

Nintendo Switch Pro “Aula” comes with 4K and OLED display

But how exactly will this be reflected in the appearance of the mobile “next-gen console”? The YouTube creator ZONEofTECH has also asked this question and digitally first concept of the Switch Pro created. The result is impressive!

In addition to the special editions of the console, the Switch is actually only available in two color variations: red / blue and gray. That could possibly change with the Pro model. ZONEofTECH shows how the drilled out console in the colors gray, red, yellow and green would look like.

The green version in particular is reminiscent of the old Game Boy Color and should therefore be a real feast for long-established Nintendo fans.

While the huge screen edges of the original Switch 2017 were still totally normal, the display of the mobile handheld now looks rather old-fashioned.

The Switch Pro’s screen, however extends to the edge areas of the main console part and therefore looks just as modern as current smartphones.

Although a little more hardware could probably be accommodated in the console by firmly mounting the Joy-Cons on the console – the Switch Pro remains true to the design of the original in this concept!

The two controllers can still be removed and plugged in at any time.

What should also not be missing is a new display. In contrast to the original version, in which an IPS panel is used, the Switch Pro will most likely have a OLED screen Nations.

In dark game scenes, this not only ensures strong contrasts, but also a lower power consumption, which is sometimes also in one longer battery life reflects.

With the buttons on the right, ZONEofTECH seems to have followed the highest IT requirement: Never change a running system. Both the size of the buttons and their placement appear to remain unchanged from the original. On the other hand …

… seems to have changed a lot more. Among other things, the recording button protrudes a lot further out of the case. Much more important, however: The four small direction buttons on the left Joy-Cons are one real D-Pad gave way.

This should please many gamers, but the design change of the left Joy-Cons could make it more difficult to control in some co-op games when the controller is used as a single input device.

Also nice to see: In the concept of the Switch Pro comes one significantly more stable looking kickstand for use with which the console can be set up at a slight angle – particularly recommended for train journeys. Nintendo could happily take over that 1: 1.

The images shown are so far only a design concept by the YouTube creator ZONEofTECH. Nevertheless, in our opinion, Nintendo can be inspired by the influencer’s suggestions when it comes to designing the new Nintendo Switch Pro.

If you want to look at the imagined console again in motion, you can take a look at the YouTuber’s video.

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What do you think the Switch Pro should look like best? Should Nintendo follow the example as much as possible? Or would you like it if the product designers can really let their creativity run free? Do you think there will be a Switch Pro at all? Discuss with us in the comments on Facebook!