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Nintendo describes in a current patent how stylus pens could be attached to the Nintendo Switch from now on. A patent filed in summer 2019 but only now published shows an attachment for the Joy-Con with an insert pocket for the stylus. The advantage: The Joy-Con then also serves as a pen for inputs on the Nintendo Switch's touchscreen. The patent also describes various uses of the stylus in games.

In a recent patent, Nintendo describes a storage option for a stylus pen for Nintendo Switch. As reported by Siliconera, among others, the patent was filed in June 2019, but has only just been published. The patent shows a special attachment for the Joy-Con, on which the stylus could be accommodated. The attachment is similar to the current wrist loops on the controller. The stylus pen could easily be inserted into a designated slot – and thus also transported.

However, when the stylus is attached, the Joy-Con can no longer be plugged into the console – a disadvantage for mobile use. Images from the patent illustrate the idea behind the stylus attachment for the Joy-Con of the Nintendo Switch. The patent also describes various uses in games. For example, you could click an area in a game using a stylus, which causes the program to send a corresponding rumble signal to Joy-Con.

It remains to be seen whether Nintendo will actually turn the patent into reality – or whether it will remain just an idea. So far, a stylus is only optionally available for the Nintendo Switch. For example, Super Mario Maker 2 was delivered with a stylus in the past. The optionally available version was for example at Media Markt available. Nintendo would need another solution for the Switch Lite, which has been commercially available since September 2019: There are no removable Joy-Cons here. (buy now for € 346.00)

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