Would you like to use your good old N64 controllers for the Nintendo 64 games in the Switch Online expansion pack? This is possible with a few hardware tricks. Of the Reparatur-Youtuber My Mate Vince reveals how you can connect classic N64 gamepads to the Nintendo Switch using an adapter. Disadvantage of the story: You are not allowed to change the buttons for USB gamepads from third-party manufacturers via the switch menu – at least the N64 controller is recognized as such via the adapter used. For this you need additional USB hardware, with which you can make and save the desired settings on the PC.

N64-Controller an Nintendo Switch anschließen

When you simply plug in the old N64 gamepads using a USB adapter (in the video the author uses the Mayflash N64 controller adapter for Switch & PC MF103), buttons A and B as well as yellow (above) and yellow (below) are swapped. This can now be bypassed externally with the Titan One adapter – in the video above from minute 9:15. You plug the Titan One between the switch (buy now 355.90 €) and USB-N64 adapter and actively selects there before on PC with GTuner programmed setting the end. By the way, the Titan One adapter recognizes the N64 gamepad as a Gamepad Pro and can also be configured via the switch menu. However, this does not solve the problem with the yellow directional buttons on the Nintendo 64 controller.

Problems with the key assignment

Even without the N64 pad, the classic Sin & Punishment, for example, cannot be played correctly. In the original you move with the yellow buttons left and right in the corresponding directions. The arrangement of the N64 keys on the Joycons or the Gamepad Pro make gaming almost impossible, as you first activate the direction keys by holding ZR. ZR alone is used to fire the weapon, which makes sensible control impossible. The problem with the solution using both adapters: The Titan One USB adapter costs around 90 dollars. There is currently massive criticism of the implementation and performance of the N64 games on the Switch, which in no way justifies the high price.

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