In the past, Nintendo was often inspired to create its own games by fan projects. With Peach's Untold Tales, however, that is more than unlikely. However, the sex game stayed on the net for a surprisingly long time.


With a copyright lawsuit, Nintendo ended the existence of Peach's Untold Tales. It's pretty amazing that such a game could have existed for nearly eight years alongside the family-friendly Mario franchise. The princess’s untold adventures are so explicitthat you won't find any of it in this article

If you insist on Googling it, be warned, because what Toad does with Peach will be followed by years of therapy until you can touch another Mario game.

The game itself is a rudimentary platformer with various gallery sections where all kinds of characters from the Mario universe come together and also come together. At Peach's Untold Tales should it be a parody, which is under American law "Fair Use" falls, which allows the use of copyrighted material for public education and also for parodies.

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Since the sex act between a Goomba and Princess Peach has very little to do with education, the game could still fall under the term parody. However, according to a report by TorrentFreak, Nintendo sees this here major damage to the Nintendo brand.

The game is now officially offline, presumably the makers are currently working on the sequel Bowsette's Untold Tales. That is enough for the next eight years.

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