There is bad news for Nintendo fans because the EU has lost a lawsuit against Nintendo – to the detriment of gamers.

If you look at one Pre-ordered gamethat for a reason you don’t want to have it anymore, you can cancel the order – at least that's how users know it, from theirs refund policy Make use. Things are different with Nintendo, however, because a court has ruled that the company will continue to enforce its “a purchase is final” rule.

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Think twice about buying

Germany and Norway had teamed up and against Nintendo complained, The reason was one dubious rulethat says that digital pre-orders cannot be returned in the eShop, The case went to court at the end of last year and now it is decision like. However, this only looks rosy for Nintendo, because they can have theirs continue to follow the usual company policy,

The lawsuit from Germany and Norway was based on the EU consumer rightsthat say customers must have the right Undo orders and get the money back. This is not the case with Nintendo, which means that all digital purchases for the Wii U, the Nintendo 3Ds and the Nintendo Switch are final, This makes Nintendo the only company that enforces this rule with us. The German consumer protection wants to contest this judgment.

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