Are you hoping for a Nioh 3? Then you have to be really strong, because at the moment there are no further sequels planned in the Action RPG series. The story is over.

There are other games from Team Ninja

In an interview, Team Ninjas producer Fumihiko Yasuda stated: "With Nioh (buy now ) CE and Nioh 2 CE, the story we had built has come to an end. There is a good point in the story where all the loose ends are tied up. So there are no plans for a sequel at this point. Of course, this is something that is still possible in the future and that we will consider at a later date. But players can use Nioh CE and Nioh 2 CE really enjoy the full story of Nioh. "

But should it happen that we might see another Nioh at some point, then it would be quite possible that this one plays in a completely different setting. "In Nioh 2 we also moved outside of the Sengoku period, for example the DLC expansion went into the Heian period. So there is no specific connection to the Sengoku period that we have to adhere to. It So it's definitely possible that a potential sequel to the Nioh series will take place in a different time period or even in a completely different setting, and that's something we'd like to tackle in the future, "says Fumihiko Yasuda.

There are currently no plans to release the Nioh series for Xbox. In return, something about the Ninja Gaiden series is to be announced in the not too distant future. Team Ninja has something new planned and it could be an open world title: "There are no specific plans to talk about at this point, but Team Ninja as a whole would like the Open specifically -Attacking the World Genre. We feel like there hasn't been a high intensity open world game that was really action packed from start to finish, so we'd love to see that as a potential future challenge and try to give the open world genre a new spin in this regard. " Fumihiko Yasuda didn't want to reveal whether the game had something to do with Ninja Gaiden or something completely different.

It will probably be a while before we hear what the Nioh developers are working on next.

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