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The bonus rolls do not find their way into the Shadowlands. Overall, the abundance of loot from Shadowlands content and the random factor should be reduced. However, there is still more choice of prey.

Since Mists of Pandaria, WoW players have been accompanying the Bonus Rolls, which, with luck, grant an additional item in limited numbers per week. This is over in the upcoming Shadowlands expansion. According to the developers, loot should become more valuable again. Loot should again be restricted to fewer sources and feel good once you have received the desired item. Overall, less loot will drop across all of Shadowlands' game content and the random factors will be reduced. In addition to the abolition of bonus rolls, the war / titansforged system was removed with the introduction of the corruption system.

There will be no substitute for this in Shadowlands either and items will no longer have the opportunity to receive additional item levels through war or titans forged. With luck, socket locations will only appear on certain item slots. But here, too, the RNG effect is somewhat mitigated, as you can buy plinth sockets in the throat against the resource Stygia.

In order to reduce the randomness factor even further, but still offer the players enough choice of loot, the weekly loot box has been completely redesigned. Those who are successful in Mythic Plus dungeons and complete a +15 keystone can, for example, choose from three items which one they would most like to have. If none of the three items is convincing, at least you have the choice to bag some important resources.

What do you think of the change? Will you miss bonus rolls and the good feeling of extra loot? Write to us in the comments.

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