No free upgrade? Digital edition creates problems for disc buyers

How exactly Microsoft and Sony will handle the process of upgrading the games to the next generation could be decisive for which console the buyers ultimately choose. This could be complicated with the introduction of the digital version of the PS5. Are players just unlucky with physical games?

With Smart Delivery, Xbox has found a way to take compatible games, whether digital or disc, from Xbox One to Series X. and still have access to the best version.

However, Sony was less clear about how this process might work on the PS5, although we know that it will be available at least in some cases, such as Destiny 2 and Madden NFL 21. In the latter case, however, EA chose not to use Smart Delivery on the Xbox Series X, but instead to implement its own upgrade path for those who buy the latest version of their football game.

Haven't you been able to decide yet? Maybe our video will help you.

What happens to the disc versions on the PS5?

We stick to the example of Madden 21. What if you buy the game on disc and choose a digital edition of the PS5? EA makes a clear announcement:

"Physical discs cannot currently be used to upgrade to digital consoles," the company said.

In a nutshell, this means: If you want to take your physical games with you to the PS5, is the digital and probably cheaper version of the console, not for you in question.

So far there is no new information about PlayStation 5. As soon as something becomes known about the price or release, we will keep you up to date here.

What do you say about the disc thing? Is that a problem for you, or will you just adapt? Please write us your opinion in the comments.