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Up to the edge of the horizon and beyond – that's how far the unknown protagonist travels in Sony's new Playstation 5 trailer in his little boat. Here you can find out what can be discovered in the cinematic trailer from Sony and what message the technology giant wants to send to its community with it.

On a small fishing boat out at sea, the anonymous protagonist of the new PS5 trailer quickly reaches his limits when a large wall of clouds appears in front of him. However, a mysterious storm changes everything. Giant battleships and flying machines emerge from the fog and join the fisherman. Together they overcome the hurdle that lies in front of them and discover which places and possibilities are hidden behind the horizon. Unfortunately, the cinematic trailer does not offer any new information, but an atmospheric experience that fuels the hype on the new Sony console.

PS5: The boundlessness of the PS5 in the cinematic trailer

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Fans interpret the edge of the world, which is shown in the trailer as a wall of fog and water, as the limit of the current consoles and thus also the artistic freedom of the developers. The Playstation 5 (buy now ) should thus be presented as a changing and improving factor. It makes it possible for developers to create games that go beyond the limits of all previous consoles. The armada of battle ships and aircraft could therefore stand for the many new games that, like the little fisherman, pass the barrier to the next generation.

What Sony is still very economical with despite many previous trailers are hard facts about the exact release date or the pricing of the next-gen console. In the comment section on Youtube it quickly becomes clear: fans have been hoping for information about the final costs of the PS5 from the new trailer. Instead, Sony feeds its community with another cinematic trailer that does not provide any useful facts other than pretty pictures.

With a little luck, exactly this information could be revealed at the Playstation 5 showcase on September 16. At 10 p.m. German time, Sony will probably present titles that are to appear when the console is released in a 40-minute PS5 event. You can follow the event on Youtube Live or Twitch. It is not known whether the technology giant will also provide insights into pricing or the exact release date, but it is at least very easy to imagine.

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