No Mans Sky: Desolation Update brings aliens horror into the game

from Andreas Bertits
Hello Games introduces horror elements into the online space game No Man's Sky with the new update "Desolation". You explore abandoned spaceships floating in space. But there is not only valuable prey waiting for you …

The new update "Desolation" has several innovations for the space online game No man's sky to offer. Especially fans of horror games get their money's worth.

Horror in space

One of the biggest innovations in the Desolation update is the option in No Man's Sky (buy now) now to explore abandoned spaceships floating in space. These wrecks promise valuable rewards, but there are many dangers lurking in the dark corridors. The freighters are generated procedurally. That said, you're always experiencing new adventures as you try to figure out the crew's fate and figure out the secrets. What happened on board? The AI ​​seems to have developed a life of its own and what is going on in these mysterious nests? Every cargo ship that you explore tells its own, individual story that you gradually uncover.

Every freighter brings you lucrative rewards. Underneath nanites or you can sell the data logs that you find on board. It is also possible to extract parts of the technology of each ship, for example to create new inventory spaces for your room.

The new update 2.6 for No Man's Sky offers even more:

  • The recently introduced 'Mechs are easier to control in combat.
  • There are new graphics options like improved lens flares, more atmospheric lighting effects and softer bloom.
  • New Nexus missions are also included. Together with other players you explore exotic planets and save stranded space travelers.
  • You may now build teleporters in cargo bases to take you to other teleporters.

The update should now be available for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One versions of No Man's Sky.

Source: Hello games

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