Starting out as a huge disappointment for gamers worldwide, No Man’s Sky has now made a remarkable journey and has become a popular title. No Man’s Sky’s Journey to Success, however, is nothing compared to the ones you will take on in the title’s new Expedition Update. In this a new game mode awaits you, which is dedicated to a different topic with each season. In the expeditions you start with a randomly generated character together with other players on the same planet. This is meant to reflect the excitement you felt on your first trip into the universe.

The expeditions are divided into different phases and milestones. Each milestone brings a unique challenge. “Some of them are easy, others will only survive the most committed players,” it said in a blog post. Fulfilled milestones reward you with mission badges, a completed phase should grant “unique rewards”. There is additional loot for completing the entire expedition. The rewards known so far include a new jetpack, an exclusive ship, a weapon, a title, and a lot more. All unlocked content from the expedition mode can also be used in the other modes. In addition, after the end of a season, your expedition save will be converted into a save for normal mode, with which you can continue playing.

The extensive patch notes for Patch 3.3 Expeditions can be found on the official site of the game.

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