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Hello Games has released the Origins update for No Man's Sky that was announced a few days ago. In addition to the seemingly endless number of new planets and weather conditions, players can now look forward to the large sandworms that were featured in the 2013 Reveal trailer. We summarize the innovations for you.

The recently announced Origins update for No Man's Sky is now available. In addition to what feels like an infinite number of new planets, new weather conditions have now also been added. This allows players to get to safety from firestorms and tornadoes. Volcanoes can now also be discovered on the planet.

Flora and fauna have become even more colorful and diverse with the update. The landscapes are now characterized by kilometers of mountains, craters, rivers and abysses. Clouds have been reworked so that there is more variety between covered planets and those with clear skies. In addition, one or the other meteorite is now storming towards the planets. In addition, players now also encounter giant sandworms, which were shown in the 2013 Reveal trailer. However, like many other things, these did not make it into the first version of the game. Synthetic beings are now also waiting to be discovered on the planet. Furthermore, there should be no more empty planets. Abandoned or very old buildings have been added, and more NPCs and shops can be found. Gravity anomalies now cause players to dramatically fly through the area when entering these areas.

However, players don't have to worry about their bases. Because previously existing planets keep their old character. Only the new planets should be affected by the new fauna, the fresh flora and the new atmospheric conditions. No Man's Sky (buy now /€ 24.99 ) is available for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. You can find a full list of what's new here.

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