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In your galactic adventures in No Man's Sky, you can now rely on the help of other platforms. The developers have out of the blue released crossplay for the game!

Before the release of the new update from No Man's Sky, gamers were particularly looking forward to the feature that had been announced: The game is now part of the Xbox Game Pass and accordingly available to many subscribers to the gaming service. So if you've been skeptical so far, but have the Game Pass, you can take a look. But in the same update, a much bigger feature was hidden! The developers have introduced crossplay in parallel!

Play No Man's Sky with other platforms

Crossplay allows you to play No Man's Sky with other platforms like PC, PS4 and Xbox One. So if a friend has the PS4 version and you're on the PC, you can still go on a journey of discovery together. There are no limits to what you can do: act, build, explore – in crossplay you can do that as usual.

The developers emphasize that the development of the feature took place in secret and included a complete change in the network architecture. Thanks to this change, crossplay is now possible.

You can create or join cross-platform player groups when you are already in the game or before in the menu. You can recognize players from other platforms by a controller icon, while players on your platform get an appropriate icon (for example, the Steam logo).

A short interaction invites players directly into your group in No Man's Sky.

A short interaction invites players directly into your group in No Man's Sky.

Source: Hello Games

Create groups faster and add friends in No Man's Sky

Part of the update is also that you can use a quick interaction to create a new group or add other players to your existing team. In the same way, you can add fellow players in your group to your friend list with a simple click.

You can find the other changes in the official patch notes of No Man's Sky.

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