from Dominik Zwingmann
Thanks to the Xbox Game Pass, over a million new players have joined No Man's Sky over the past few days. In mid-June, the title for Xbox One and the PC was added to the offer. The Desolation update has also been released recently, bringing randomly generated space freighters into the game.

Almost a month ago, No Man's Sky was added to the Xbox Game Pass. And according to Sean Murray (studio director of Hello Games), this should have led to a significant increase in players. In an article on the Desolation Update, the maker revealed that over a million new players have taken a look at No Man's Sky. All that since the title for Xbox One and PC is available in the Xbox Game Pass.

Together with the recently released cross-play update, the current number of players from No Man's Sky should be at a very high level again. Sean Murray did not give exact values ​​here. We have included the new trailer for the already available desolation update below. With the new patch, players can now explore abandoned space freighters whose interior is always randomly generated. As a reward for the dangerous tour, there are also valuable items. You either meet the freighters during your trips or you can purchase special coordinates from a scrap dealer.

Source: Xbox News

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