Monday, May 17, 2021

No Man's Sky surprisingly announces crossplay for everyone, from now on

Peng, and there is the new update for No Man's Sky! And peng again, because it not only includes No Man's Skys way into the Xbox Game Pass, but also surprises with crossplay. Between all platforms. Yes, also between PS4 and PC.

Sometimes we wait for a special feature in a game for years, but instead of being announced long in advance, it suddenly appears at some point. So also with No Man's Sky, whose fans have been around for a long time Crossplay across all platforms have wished away. Well, the update is here – and in Xbox Game Pass it is also included if you have accidentally subscribed to the service.

At the June 10th went the new one Update for No Man's Sky online, including crossplay. Take a look at that major changes in the game:

  • Crossplay between all available platforms
    • You can now create or join cross-platform groups in-game and off-game
    • Icons next to the player names indicate which platform they are playing from
  • No Man's Sky is now part of Xbox Game Pass assortment, and can be played through the service of both PC and Xbox users

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No Man's Sky before and today: a journey through time

A few months ago, there was only a small handful of games that offered crossplay between PS4 other platforms. In the meantime, however, Sony seems to have loosened up a bit, to the satisfaction of the players: after all, you can't convince every good friend to only buy a PS4 for one game.