No more battery problems: PS5 controller helps itself

The controller's battery is weak, but you don't want to interrupt the game? A new patent for the DualSense shows a function that could help you seamlessly switch PS5 controllers in the future.

PlayStation 5

PS5 controller reacts when the battery is weak

With its novel functions, the DualSense of the PlayStation 5 is strongly at the center of the next-generation gaming experience. One of Respawn discovered patent now presents a system that uses a PS5 controller with a low battery change independently to another controller with a high battery level.

The figure shows that the controller's charges are sent to the console at certain intervals. If the controller you are playing with shows a low battery level, would the second controller is automatically activated and you can continue playing seamlessly.

Pretty practical for the very comfortable gamers among us. Of course, this function assumes that you im Owning a second controller who can be controlled. It should also be said that this is a patent pending by Sony, which does not have to be implemented in series production.

Often times, patents are just Ideas and gimmicksin order to test possibilities and then to make decisions for future improvements and developments. You can find out what information about the PS5 is still known in our article about the price and release of the upcoming console.

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Such a function for the PS5 controller could be extremely useful in exciting game passages. We will find out at the end of this year whether the DualSense will actually support a seamless change or whether it will just remain a patent. Then the eagerly awaited console from Sony finally appears.

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