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Now the days are finally over when we and a friend, to whom we show the wonderful world of Azeroth in WoW, sprinted towards the maximum level at top speed. A little later than originally planned, the bonus experience of the "Recruit a Friend" program has now been removed.

Programs in which existing players or subscribers acquire new players and get one or two rewards are available in pretty much every MMO – from WoW to Dual Universe. Over time, not only have the rewards that Blizzard offered the advertising players changed, but the entire program went through several new editions and adjustments. For example, there used to be a mount as soon as the new player bought a month of game time and today there are various rewards that depend on how many months the referred players stay with it. New players now also receive a practical bag to start with.

What has been part of the Recruit-a-Friend program for ages was the bonus experience. If newcomers and old hands were traveling together in a group, both characters received significantly more experience points (provided they were at a similar level). This has already been reduced considerably over the years – from an additional 200 percent in the past to a meager 50 percent – but together it leveled out considerably faster.

With the start of the new level experience in Patch 9.0, this bonus experience should now actually disappear. But apparently it didn't and so some new and old players were happy about the warm XP rain in the past few weeks. During the last ID reset, what happened a long time ago. The bonus experience was canceled and new and old players no longer level faster in the group. The change had a few minor problems with it. For example, recruited players are sometimes not displayed or displayed incorrectly. All other functions of the program, such as conjuring each other, should continue to work without any problems.

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